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How this all got started...I have #bloatedproblems and well, bloating sucks.  I searched forever to find every day clothes that felt good on my body AND looked great.  After years of searching, I still couldn't find what I was looking for.  I knew that I wasn't the only one with this problem so I started the simply stitchd boutique, to bring all women wardrobe essentials for their everyday comfort and style.  

simply stitchd's connection to the world is through our nature inspired color palettes, our comfortable fits and our breathable fabrics.  Our clothing is simple and effortless with romantic details that make you feel confident and comfortable when wearing it.  Think clothing that doesn't strangle your insides: drawstring pants, cotton tees and flowy dresses.  

We curate our products in small batches and believe in quality over quantity.  Our items are thoughtfully handpicked to bring you just what you are looking for - comfort and style.  We believe you should never have to pick between the two and our beautiful confidence-building clothing means you never have to.  You should feel beautiful in your clothes even when you're bloated.  We call it, #beautifullybloated 

My love for nature permeates throughout everything we do.  We plant a tree for every sale through One Tree Planted and we donate to the National Park Foundation to preserve our planet for generations to come.

Check out my blog to read my "thread thoughts" where I talk about fashion while you're bloated and other things. 

And our beautifully bloated page to read more about our journey and the future.  

Peace, love, trees & tees,


simply stitchd

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