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Everyday you wake up and each day feels a little bit different.  Some days, you get dressed and you feel like a million bucks, other days you don't even want to get dressed because you can't even imagine putting on your clothes because anything you put on will feel uncomfortable.  Other days you get dressed, you're feeling good for a while but then as you eat and drink your coffee, suddenly your pants feel tight and your shirt is hugging you in the wrong areas.  You feel like garbage and look frumpy.  

I've struggled with bloating the majority of my life.  I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012, a dairy allergy in 2016, endometriosis in 2020 and IBS somewhere along the line. I have a smaller frame and when I would bloat, I would constantly be asked if I was pregnant, which is a story for another time.  

Buying clothes would always be a nightmare and I never understood how to dress for my body type (petite rectangular frame) and my bloating.  I wanted to put an end to what was wrecking my confidence.  I opened up simply stitchd boutique to help other women like me feel comfortable and stylish in what they wear.  Clothing you can grow in throughout the day to accommodate your bloat, while still looking great.  Where fabrics are breathable, dresses are flowy and pants are drawstring.  

While the majority of styles right now focus on sizes similar to me, one day we hope to expand and provide sizes and styles for all women and all body types.  We have huge plans of starting a Kickstarter for something all of us women have always dreamed of... if you follow our journey it will someday be revealed: @simplystitchd

Welcome a community of all women and all sizes who struggle with bloating but won't let bloating get the best of us.  We bloat, but we are beautiful #beautifullybloated

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